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BMW/MINI FRM Module Fault/Repair

BMW FRM Footwell Module – all you need to know

The BMW FRM at a glance The BMW Footwell module (FRM) functions as an electrical hub or a node in the footwell on the drivers side. The FRM receives signals from the doors, it controls the lighting, it commands the the adaptive headlights and it also interfaces with the dashboard.

This BMW / Mini footwell module (FRM3) is a commonly failing part that will cause a whole host of problems on the vehicle.

The footwell module receives signals from an assortment of sensors on the vehicle and is responsible for controlling many ‘body’ aspects on the vehicle such as electric/power windows, AC/heating fans, exterior and interior lights and exterior mirrors.

When the module becomes faulty it will affect operation of these functions. External lights such as the headlights and taillights will remain on all the time and you will find that you will not be able to turn these off. Conversely, the external indicators / turn signals will not work at all, along with main beam and interior lights. Electric / power windows will also intermittently refuse to function as they should. Failure of this critical FRM unit is universally widespread across the entire BMW and Mini ranges.

Whilst the footwell module is

in fault mode the maintenance or service light will be constantly illuminated. If you take the vehicle to a garage to perform diagnostics with scan tools you will find that the module fails to achieve communications. Fault codes may still be found in other control modules that will signify a fault with the footwell module.

To rectify this problem, main dealerships may want to order an expensive brand-new replacement from manufacturer, which will also require coding to the vehicle at an extra expense. Not only is this expensive, but the replacement module will only come with a very short one-year warranty and will undoubtedly fail due to the inherent fault not being worked-out at factory level.

KEYS2GO Auto-locksmiths offer a superior alternative – test and rebuild of your existing BMW / Mini footwell module within 2 working days. By choosing the FRM3 repair option there will be no need for coding once you receive the unit back from us, and we will provide an unlimited mile lifetime warranty as standard.

Common Failure symptoms:

  • Indicators not working

  • Hazard lights not working

  • Headlights staying on / won’t switch off

  • Taillights staying on / won’t switch off

  • No main beam

  • Interior lights not working

  • Electric windows not working or will open but not always close

  • No communicat

ions with FRM unit

  • AC/heating fan does not work

  • Maintenance/service light permanently on dash

Common fault codes:

Communications to the FRM unit will not be possible, but fault codes will be stored in other electronic control units.

  • 497F – Message Error (status, reverse gear, 0x3B0) Diesel Electronics Receiver Footwell Module Transmitter

  • A3B4 – Message (lighting condition) Incorrectly, Transmitter FRM Permanent

  • A3C1 – Message (FRM foot space module) Incorrectly receiver COMBI, Transmitter FRM - Permanent.

  • E72B (window error) and E72C (window error)

Common failing part numbers:

61359390491 / 61359340339 /

61359308371 / 61359286887 / 61359263803 / 61359240533 / 61359241008 / 61359224598 / 61359204536 / 61359187559 / 61359166708 / 61359159808 / 61359153779 / 61359224595 / 61359240527 / 61359249083 / 61353456588 / 61353456394 / 61359263800 / 61353456051 / 61359224589 / 61359241006 / 61359230450 / 61353457427 / 61353456034 / 61353456395

The BMW FRM receives signals from the following sources:

  • Height sensors

  • Reversing light switch

  • Brake light switch

  • Hazard warning flasher switch

  • Light switch

  • Driver’s door switch block

  • Door contacts in front doors

  • Driver’s door lock

BMW FRM Footwell connectivity The BMW FRM footwell module is connected to the vehicle through 3 connectors. There are two 51-pin connectors for the main wiring harness. There is another 26-pin connector that goes to the dashboard.

BMW FRM system functions The BMW FRM Footwell module performs the following system functions:

  • Gateway between LIN bus and K-CAN

  • Waking by means of various signals

  • Storing vehicle order

  • Other functions

KEYS2GO Auto-locksmiths can assist with wide range of BMW/Mini ECU & module repair, coding and programming. We cover Slough and surrounding areas.

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