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How does Ghost-II immobiliser work

How does ghost immobiliser work

Ghost immobilisers work by preventing the engine from starting unless the correct sequence of buttons is pressed on a hidden button pad or mobile app.

When a driver tries to start the vehicle, the immobiliser system checks for the presence of a pre-programmed code or sequence that the driver must enter before the engine is allowed to start. The code is programmed into the immobiliser by a professional installer, and it can be changed or updated at any time.

The code or sequence required to start the engine is unique to each vehicle and is not stored anywhere within the vehicle itself. This makes it extremely difficult for a thief to bypass the immobiliser by using traditional theft techniques such as hot-wiring or cloning the vehicle's key fob.

In addition, the Ghost immobiliser is designed to be completely hidden within the vehicle, so it cannot be easily located and removed by a thief. This adds an additional layer of security, as a thief would need to have intimate knowledge of the specific location of the Ghost immobiliser within the vehicle in order to disable it.

Overall, the Ghost immobiliser is an effective way to protect your vehicle from theft, as it provides a highly secure and unique method of preventing the engine from starting unless the correct code or sequence is entered.

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