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Offering total solutions for all your vehicles. Commercial Van Security & Car Security solutions. We offer a full range of products to combat theft of vehicles & its contents.

Some of our best sellers below!

From £499


Meta Trak S5 Deadlock

Secure against relay attack and key cloning

OUR PRICE: £499.00 fully fitted, plus subscription

Buy Meta Trak S5 Deadlock

Subscription Renewal
1 Year £179.95
3 Year £479.95
Installed by our mobile Meta Trak approved engineers

Meta Trak S5-VTS Deadlock has the same basic features as the S5-VTS with the addition of advanced vehicle immobilisation that can be controlled via the smartphone app or web platform. The vehicle is immobilised after the engine is turned off and disarms when the ID tag is present. When the Lockdown command is sent from the App or web platform the vehicle will remain immobilised even if the tag is present.

From £299



The ScorpionTrack S5 is a Thatcham and insurance S5 approved vehicle tracking system.

A small Driver ID tag is attached to the key ring and is used to automatically disarm the system. If the vehicle moves without the tag present, with an unauthorised or cloned key, an alert is sent to the control centre who will contact you to make sure your vehicle is safe. This is an ideal security system for the current trend of key cloning and relay Theft.

  •  Insurance approved – Thatcham category S5

  •  Use Smartphone app as driver recognition (optional)

  •  Journey history, geofence alerts & driver behaviour analysis


From £499


Ghost 2 immobiliser systems, like those from Car Keys 2 Go, are designed to provide an added layer of security for your vehicle. Here are several reasons why it's important to consider an immobilizer system like Ghost 2 to protect your vehicle from theft:
Advanced Anti-Theft Technology
Ghost 2 immobilizers are sophisticated devices that utilize cutting-edge technology to prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle. These systems are designed to be highly effective in preventing hot-wiring, key cloning, and other common methods used by thieves to steal cars.
Key Cloning Prevention
One of the most common methods of car theft involves cloning a vehicle's key fob. With the right equipment, thieves can create a duplicate key fob and gain access to your vehicle. Ghost 2 immobilizers prevent this by requiring a unique code or PIN to start the engine, even if a cloned key is used.
Prevents Relay Attacks
Relay attacks involve using devices to amplify the signal from a key fob inside your home to unlock and start your car, even when the key fob is far away. Ghost 2 immobilizers thwart these attacks by requiring a secure code entry that is not susceptible to relay attacks.
Discreet Installation
These systems are designed to be discreet, meaning potential thieves won't know that your vehicle has an immobilizer installed. This stealthy approach adds an element of surprise and further deters theft attempts.
Insurance Benefits
Many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles equipped with advanced security systems like Ghost 2 immobilizers. This can lead to cost savings on your insurance premiums, making the investment in the system even more beneficial.
Peace of Mind
Ultimately, having an immobilizer like Ghost 2 installed in your vehicle offers peace of mind. Knowing that your car is protected by advanced anti-theft technology can reduce worries about theft and unauthorized access.
Effective Theft Deterrent
Thieves are less likely to target vehicles with robust anti-theft measures in place. The presence of a Ghost 2 immobilizer acts as a strong deterrent, encouraging thieves to move on to easier targets.
In summary, getting a Ghost 2 immobilizer from Car Keys 2 Go can significantly enhance the security of your vehicle, prevent common theft methods, offer insurance benefits, provide peace of mind, and potentially increase the resale value of your car. These reasons make it a wise investment for anyone looking to protect their vehicle from theft.


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